Testimonials from our eLearning Clients

Upon completion of our online Lean and Lean Six Sigma training courses, delegates are encouraged to leave feedback.

Course content was complete, concise and easy to interpret. The real life scenarios were ‘real life’ unlike a lot of courses I’ve taken. Although some of the course content had no audio background, it did not affect the overall presentation.

Thanks a lot; I’ll recommend this course to my colleagues who have a similar management background.

Paul H, Black Belt Online

I found the course to be very good to follow. Very logical and easy to keep up with. The audio was low in a couple of places although using headphones sorted that.

Pete H, Green Belt Online

Really good course. Getting ready for green belt course.

Philip A, Yellow Belt Online

I found this to be a simple practical way to learn the basics of Lean and Six Sigma.  Very clear slides and commentary.  I am now moving on to Yellow Belt

Linda N, Lean Overview Online

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the course and you have been extremely helpful.

Christopher J, Green Belt Online

Perfect introduction in the field of Lean & Six Sigma, just take the course!

Ben S, White Belt Online

I have just completed the course and I would like to thank you for the great support throughout. It is a very useful and thorough training and found it to be very well customised and insightful for anyone who wants to be involved with Lean.

Panagiota K, Black Belt Online

Thank you for the good LSS Green Belt course! I found it really interesting and learned a lot from the very important issue.

Elina K, Green Belt Online

Course was informative. Would be good to get some examples from businesses that have employed a Lean Six Sigma approach to their work, illustrating what processes had been improved upon, and what the end result was.

Olly W, White Belt Online

I really enjoyed the Champion Course. Of all the online courses i have completed over the last few years, this was the best. The course was well structured and very well narrated.  The course material was well thought out and it was very interesting.

Mark J, Champion Belt Online