Introduction to Lean Training Course

Introduction to Lean Overview

This course is designed as a training course to provide an overview of Lean. Lean is a key business improvement methodology applicable in any industry or business and will aid you to vastly improve your business processes by reducing waste. Understanding Lean principles is essential for any manager, regardless of industry due to its pervasiveness in business around the world.

This introduction is designed to provide you with an understanding of what Lean is and some of the fundamentals associated with how to use it in business. The course will take around five hours to complete, including exercises, and will provide a very detailed introduction to the subject of Lean.

This course is delivered in British English. Hosting and support is provided from the UK. Access will be provided within 24 hours of payment.

Introduction to Lean Objectives

  • To provide an understanding of Lean so you can explain it to others
  • To understand value added and non-value added activities
  • To understand the benefits of standardisation and why it is essential
  • To understand the process to solve problems in a Lean way (P.D.C.A)
  • To understand key aspects of Lean
  • To understand how Lean can help your organisation

Introduction to Lean Content

This online training course, which is delivered in English throughout, will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Lean thinking
  • Why is Lean essential?
  • What is Lean?
  • The history of Lean Thinking
  • What is waste and what is value added?
  • The 7/8 wastes
  • How to become more Lean
  • What is standardisation?
  • Why is standardisation essential?
  • The benefits of standardisation
  • How to become more standardised
  • The Lean problem solving structure – Plan Do Check Act
  • Summary