Lean 7/8 Wastes Online Training Course

Lean 7/8 Wastes Overview

Identifying and reducing the impact of the seven wastes should be the main goal of any business, and is the cornerstone of Lean. This training course explains in detail what the seven (or sometimes eight) wastes are, how to spot them and how to eliminate them in your business. This online course is supported by email support from a Lean Master and takes around three hours to complete, including a number of exercises.

As you’ll find the seven wastes everywhere, this course is ideal for anyone.

This course is delivered in British English. Hosting and support is provided from the UK. Access will be provided within 24 hours of payment.

Lean 7/8 Wastes Objectives

By the end of the course you will have learned:

  • About the concept of Lean and how the seven wastes are associated with it
  • What the 7 (and 8) wastes are
  • How to energise staff to understand the benefits of removal of waste
  • How to identify and eliminate waste
  • How to practically examine the benefits of removing waste and the potential savings
  • The ways to identify the 7/8 wastes in your business and others

Lean 7/8 Wastes Course Content

This online training course, which is delivered in English throughout, will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Lean manufacturing and Lean Thinking
  • What is waste?
  • What are value-added and non-value-added activities?
  • Classifying the 7/8 wastes
  • Identifying the 7/8 wastes
  • Waste walk – exercises looking at how to spot waste in different businesses
  • Determining how to eliminate waste in your business
  • Understanding the saving potential of waste elimination