Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Course

Black Belt Overview

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training will help you take control of problems in your organization, and take charge of your career! People trained to Black Belt level oversee Business Improvement programs directly and gain a huge amount of leadership experience.

Over the course of 15 years in the industry we have developed and perfected this online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course to provide the very best training available.

Black Belt training is becoming more and more important to employers, as it shows that not only do you understand the methodology of Lean Six Sigma, but that you can solve problems effectively. Once certified, you will be able to reduce costs, improve quality, enhance efficiency, improve on time delivery and reduce time, in all kinds of situations.
Following completion of the online training course, you will have to submit two projects to your dedicated Master Black Belt in order to certify. Certification is included.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

What’s Included?

We believe we provide the best value for money Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Our course includes the following:

  • Access to our Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified training course program for one year
  • Internationally recognized Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, with verification process for current and future employers
  • Lifetime support in your Business Improvement career from 100% Effective
  • The most interactive and engaging Lean Six Sigma eLearning available!
  • Certification included for free!
  • Unlimited email support from your own dedicated Master Black Belt
  • In-depth case studies to provide practical understanding, and stand in for projects where none are available.

This course is delivered in British English. Hosting and support is provided from the UK. Access will be provided within 24 hours of payment.

Black Belt Objectives

  • To certify as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, complete two projects providing benefits for your company or two of our detailed case studies
  • To lead projects across any business, coach Green Belts and transform businesses
  • To demonstrate the benefits and potential of Lean Six Sigma in any industry
  • To provide an understanding of Lean, Six Sigma and how they can help you improve productivity in a business
  • To outline the common problems faced by companies implementing Lean Six Sigma
  • To explain the structure and approach of Lean Six Sigma, challenge norms and transform businesses
  • To fully understand DMAIC
  • To understand Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques and explain the concepts to others
  • To understand the Voice of the Customer in all areas of business
  • To be able to collect and analyze any data (both normal and non-normal) acurately to ensure you make correct decisions
  • To enable you to identify the root causes for problems with reliable data
  • To enable you to develop and implement solutions and ensure problems are solved permanently

Black Belt Course Content

This online course, which is delivered in British English, will typically take you around 145 hours. This is comprised of 60 hours of online study, 25 hours of exercises and 60 hours completing your projects. It covers the following topics:

  • Lean Six Sigma, the key element of DMAIC and the structure of the approach
  • Understanding of what is possible with effective deployment
  • Developing the ability to run improvement projects and solve problems
  • Understanding common mistakes when deploying Lean Six Sigma
  • The tools necessary to complete Lean Six Sigma projects, and manage change, at Black Belt level
  • Change management and soft skills
  • Designing a process roadmap for success
  • How to manage teams and overcome resistance at Black Belt level

You will need to submit two finished projects to your Master Black Belt to certify. They will also be on hand to provide help and support during your training and project work.

Which Course?

As Lean and Six Sigma are so closely linked, most companies now prefer to train their staff in Lean Six Sigma to provide them with the broadest range of skills available. If you have any questions about Lean, Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma please get in touch.

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