Online Lean Six Sigma Champion Belt Training

Champion Belt Overview

Lean Six Sigma is a vital methodology for every business to solve problems, remove waste and reduce variation. This training course is designed for anyone who needs an understanding of the techniques so that they can champion the deployment in their company, or support others who will be using the techniques in their organization. It is also an excellent overview of Lean Six Sigma for anyone who needs a brief introduction or awareness of what Lean Six Sigma is, how to use it and the benefits of using the approach.

The course covers key aspects of Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, using DMAIC to solve problems, as well as setting up and running a successful Lean Six Sigma programme. You will also spend some time talking about some key tools and techniques associated with each stage of the DMAIC process.

What’s Included?

We provide the best value for money Lean Six Sigma Champion Training compared to our competition. We give you:

  • Access to our Online Lean Six Sigma Champion training course for one month
  • An internationally recognized certificate
  • Unlimited email support from our Master Black Belts
  • Topics and materials available to download

This course is delivered in British English. Hosting and support is provided from the UK. Access will be provided within 24 hours of payment.

Champion Belt Objectives

This online course has the following aims:

  • To provide a summary of Lean Six Sigma
  • To outline the steps required to implement
  • To become aware of the tools used in Lean Six Sigma
  • To understand the link between all other initiatives
  • To enable the champion to evaluate if Lean Six Sigma can assist their organisation
  • To understand how to structure a Lean Six Sigma organisation
  • To answer any questions associated with Lean Six Sigma

Champion Belt Course Content

This Champion training course is trained by Master Black Belts with vast experience of working with senior executives and deploying Lean Six Sigma in many industries both manufacturing and service. The course will cover the following:

  • Lean – what is it, where did it come from, why do it?
  • The 7/8 wastes
  • Six Sigma – what is it, where did it come from, why do it?
  • Variation in processes
  • Lean Six Sigma – how does it work, why do it, who else is using it?
  • Helping you to explain Lean Six Sigma to others
  • The fundamentals of DMAIC, including an overview of how you explain it to others
  • Overview of some of the tools associated with Lean Six Sigma including
    • Define
      • Problem statements
      • Project charters
      • SIPOC
      • Voice of the customer
    • Measure
      • Data collection requirements, Sampling and MSA
    • Analyze
      • Root cause analysis
    • Improve
      • Lean tool box – 5S, standardization
    • Control
      • Error proofing
      • Benefit realization
    • The structure, terminology and roles in Lean Six Sigma
    • The role of the Champion in any deployment
    • Deploying Lean Six Sigma in an organization – how to ensure success and avoid common pitfalls
    • How to select projects and people for Lean Six Sigma
    • Impact of Lean Six Sigma on an organization