Frequently asked Questions

What format does the course take?
Our courses are provided in slide format with regular exercises and narrated by our Master Black Belts. The course will direct you through the materials, providing exercises and tasks for you to complete as you progress, culminating in an exam.


What support will I receive?
Courses will receive support from our Master Black Belts via email 24/7 and they will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. They are available to answer any questions regarding the course content and your project.

Our IT department is also on hand via phone, email and live chat.

We also support delegates through newsletters, advice and reports, online discussion groups and regular webinars.


Can I buy one login and use on multiple machines?
To prevent users handing out their login details to various people, your login is locked to a ‘one at a time’ rule, meaning only one person can be logged into your account at any one time. For security we track each user’s IP address once logged in and if multiple IP addresses are used over a short period of time we may monitor your usage.


Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time; however you may not be entitled to a refund.

If you cancel within the seven days cooling off period you will receive a full refund, provided you have not accessed or downloaded any of the course material.

Due to the nature of the training, no refunds are given in any other circumstances or if you have accessed the course within your cooling off period.


Can I upgrade?
Yes! If you’ve purchased a course and wish to upgrade to a higher level, you can do so. Feel free to contact us first as we may be able to provide a discount depending on the course in question.


What are the minimum system requirements?

Software required

Required for Green and Black Belt courses:

  • Minitab 16 or 17 (30 day FREE trial of Minitab 17 is available, one-time trial per machine)

Hardware required

  • Screen Resolution – 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Internet connection (broadband recommended)
  • Sound card + speakers/headphones

Do you own a Mac? Our website and training courses will work, however Minitab is not currently compatible with a Mac.


What is Minitab, and do I need it?

Minitab is a statistical software, and is required for our Green and Black belt courses. A 30 day trial is provided.

Minitab is not used throughout the entire course, so we recommend you install the software when required. This ensures you take full advantage of the trial.

If your trial expires during the course, you will either need to purchase the software direct from Minitab, or install the trial on a different machine.

System requirements for the software:

  • Operating System – XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM – 512 MB (minimum)
  • Processor – Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • Hard Disk Space: 160 MB (minimum) free space available


Can I use my iOS device (iPad/iPhone)?

Yes. Our course materials are provided in HTML5 which is compatible with iPads and iPhones.

We recommend trying our free course to ensure you can use your mobile device.

You will require use of a laptop/PC to submit projects and for the use or Minitab.


Can I use my Android device?

We do not currently support Android devices as HTML5 is not fully compatible.


How can I pay for the training?
We accept credit card, debit card, Paypal, cheque and BACs as payment. Should you wish to pay by cheque, please contact us beforehand you set up an account.

Should you need to pay via invoice/BACS or purchase order, we can arrange this too, please call us on +44 1759 745 012.


Are there any associated costs?
No – Once you have paid for the course there are no additional charges required to complete the course.

However, during the course you can purchase printed materials, coaching sessions and extensions.

Minitab is required for the Green and Black belt courses, and although a 30 day trial is provided, you may wish to purchase the full software.

This is available direct from Minitab;


What does the session include?
The training session includes various formats of media including; Audio, Video, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF and Flash. These formats will cover the topics related to each course.


Are you a registered Company?
Yes – We are registered as 100% Effective Ltd.


Is contactable technical support available when I need it?
Yes – We offer technical support via phone and Live chat Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm GMT, and email support 24/7 (with a maximum turnaround time of 48 hours)


Is certification included in the price?

Where applicable, our courses are provided with certification.


Where is the company based?
We are based in the UK. However we have a regional office in Denmark and provide our training services worldwide.


How do I know which course is right for me?
If you’re not sure which course is best suited for you, give our consultants a call today on +44 1759 745 012


How many people can attend or sign up at any one time?
We have the capacity for thousands of delegates at any one time.


How many hours a day can I plan to train online?
There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend on the course, it’s entirely at your discretion.


Can anybody learn Six Sigma?
Yes – Each course covers the basics first and all of the tools required.


Are the materials provided copyrighted?
Yes, all materials are copyright to 100% Effective Ltd.


How do I influence my company management that online training would be worthwhile?
There are several reasons why learning Lean Six Sigma online is worthwhile. These include:

Speed – Learning at your own pace

Re-cap – Repeating topics if more understanding is required or you’ve returned to the training after a long break

Time – Choose the day and time that suits you, whether it’s weekdays, evenings or weekends

Access – Green and Black Belts come with six and 12 months access respectively, but we offer a range of extension packages so you can tailor your learning experience to suit your needs.

Cost – With our online training costs at more than 50% lower than our open courses, it’s a cost effective solution

Travel – Unlike classroom courses, you can take eLearning training wherever you like so you don’t have to fork out for costly travel expenses

Question time – Master Black Belts are always on hand to answer your questions


How will I be contacted?
Your email address will not be passed on, or sold, to any third party. At the time of providing us your email address, you accept we may use this to contact you regarding future promotions or product launches.


What’s the difference between Lean and Six Sigma?
Lean is a set of tools used for eliminating waste, while Six Sigma is used to eliminate variation.