Lean Six Sigma Certification

For your certification to be robust, internationally recognized and effective, you must ensure that the training and certification you choose is correct. At 100% Effective, our online training courses follow industry best practice for certification. That’s why when you complete our Green and Black Belt training program you can feel confident in the credibility of your qualification.

You will be certified by an experienced Master Black Belt and have proven results.

Your online certification process includes:

  • Knowledge assessment – Complete the whole training course and obtain more than 70% on the final exam in the training.
  • Project assessment – You must complete either one project for Green Belt or two projects for Black Belt which show your understanding of DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma. One of these projects can be our case study, project you have done in the past or one you worth through as you do your training.
  • Interview (MBB discretion) – Once you have completed your projects we may conduct a telephone interview to assess your knowledge of the subject and how well you completed your projects. This typically lasts up to one hour and will require some materials emailed to our Master Black Belt in advance.
  • Certification – Once you satisfy the requirements you will be presented with your internationally recognized Green or Black Belt certificate.
  • You’ll receive your email via email or post.